The studio of Mathieu Gustafsson was founded in Stockholm in 2013 specializing in furniture design for the contract market. 

Today Mathieu’s studio operates from Stockholm with projects ranging from design objects, design strategies to new sustainable materials for the production industry. The studio has a holistic and sustainable approach to design where multiple factors are taken into account, from the smallest detail to the macro perspective.

Mathieu has a cross-disciplinary background encompassing product design, branding, new sustainable material development and implementation, with emphasis on product design and sustainable production for the furniture industry.

He has founded several companies all with focuses on different aspects of sustainable production. In 2020 Mathieu created Oi, a sustainable furniture company based in Vietnam, with the aim to push the Asian furniture sector towards sustainable production by developing sustainable supply chains with certified materials.

After numerous years of developing a sustainable natural fibre composite for the furniture industry, Mathieu teamed up with colleague and co-founder Anders Breitholtz to establish PaperShell and start its journey towards industrialization. The company was founded in 2021 and PaperShell is today a growing company with clients in the automotive industry, furniture industry and producers of consumer goods.

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